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mobile app company in jordan

Why Digisol

Digisol is a multinational company with offices in Saudi Arabia and Jordan. We are specialized in delivering smart and innovative digital solutions for business organizations by offering numerous technical resources to help them effectively and efficiently execute their digital transformation strategy.


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mobile app company in jordan  mobile app company in jordan

Mobile App Development

Why should you have your own app now?


Providing Value to Your Customers
To attract and retain customers, they must feel that they are getting value from the products or services you are offering. A mobile app is an important and advanced tool of doing this.
Offering convenience to your customers will increase their satisfaction and loyalty to your company. In addition , giving extra value to your customers through activities such as discounts , loyalty points , coupons, and other strategies will result in better customer reviews, more repeated customers, and ultimately, increased profits.

Connecting better with customers
Your mobile app is a solid presence to the customer. At the touch of a few buttons – at any time of day or night – your customers can quickly make inquiries about your product/service. This quickens your customer’s decision making process and leads to more sales.
A Mobile App is one of the most effective tools of ensuring that your customers remain engaged with your company’s products or services at in a few clicks.

Building a Stronger Brand
A mobile app offers something very important to consumers – communication. Providing a channel of communication increases awareness of your brand. In turn, regular interaction with your target market fosters trust.

Increased trust means your audience is more willing to listen to your sales pitch and commit to your brand. Your app helps you demonstrate (rather than tell), what your brand stands for and why people should trust you.

mobile application development in jordan

mobile application development in jordan,mobile application company in jordan
mobile application development in jordan

Digital Marketing

Why should you rely on digital marketing ?


Digital marketing is cost-effective
Digital marketing can help you save money. The beauty of digital marketing is that you can choose a budget that works best for you.

Digital marketing is measurable
Digital marketing allows you to track the results of your digital marketing campaign. This can be done using tools like Google Analytics. With traditional marketing, one cannot really know the effectiveness of the marketing strategy employed – furthermore, it’s not easy to track the origin of leads.

Digital marketing allows you to target ideal customers
Digital marketing allows you to target the right customer segment or niche. With traditional marketing methods, tracking is not easy since the message reaches out to all people. But with digital marketing, you can, for example, target only those people who have specifically shown interest in your goods or services based on their search.

Digital marketing allows you to make changes with time
Unlike traditional marketing , digital marketing allows you to make changes to your digital content at any time. You can tweak your PPC campaigns, social media ads, etc as needed. This is with the aim of attaining the best results.

E-commerce Website Development

Why should you have your own e-commerce website?


Extended work hours
With an ecommerce store/website, your customers have the option of purchasing online anytime at their convenience. This means additional revenue that would otherwise be missed if solely relying on limited work hours as happens with physical stores.

Lower running costs
Ecommerce stores can operate at lower costs compared to physical stores. Expenses such as rent, utilities, staff salaries, etc are saved.

Remarketing is a digital marketing tactic where you present ads to visitors who have previously engaged with your ecommerce website. Visitors to your ecommerce website who showed some interest in some products or services can be presented with ads relevant to their search. This increases their chances of buying from you.

Targeted Suggestions
Ecommerce business offers targeted suggestions on a larger scale compared to physical stores. By tracking your visitor’s browsing history, you’ll be able to give suggestions to visitors based on their recent searches. These little suggestions can have a big impact on your business in terms of revenue.

Wider Customer Base
Ecommerce knows no boundaries. Depending on your ecommerce website optimisation, anyone anywhere in the world can find your store and buy from you.

mobile application development in jordan


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mobile application development in jordan